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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Deeepawali Poems or Diwali poems

It is the sequel
To the earlier dawn of liberation
In the dark backward
And abysm of legendary time,
When the incarnate
Ogrish horror scored
Endless goals of gore
Agaist humanity;
And the divine power
Turned the tide
Into a victorious sitter
Of triumph
Against the sport of sanguine death
In the field
With a fatal finish.
This dawn awakens
In grateful warmth of heart
To the Lord of Lords,
When every drop
Of water
Is a Ganga of ablution
The grace auspicious
The beaming goddess of largesse
In peak of showers
Swells and smiles
The shriven sin
Contrite bliss of calm,
Hails without gall
The festive morn
Saluting the new linen
The annointed sheen
Of countless souls.
His true self gained,
Basks in universal love


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