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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Diwali Candles how to make and enjoy

Diwali candles form a major part of the Diwali gifts, as it has been a tradition since time immemorial to light up the homes on the eve of Diwali. And what better way can there be other than the Diwali candles, which can light up our homes on Deepavali. As the times changed so did the ways of celebrating the festival of lights as electric lamps took the place of earthen pots, classic dry fruit boxes took the place of ordinary sweet boxes, but one thing which never changed were the usage of Diwali candles, which are still used as they were used 10 years ago.

Tea Light Candles

Tea light candles come in a beautiful pack, which contains 50 of these tea light candles. These candles are small in sizes and are round in shape and give a nice fragrance on burning. As these tea light candles are made up of high quality wax, so they can easily burn for hours giving out a nice fragrance.

Sparkling Gel

CandlesNowadays people are getting more and more attracted towards the sparkling gel candles, which consist of one big and two small gel candles available in diya shaped glass containers. This candle set is based on the concept of chakra that proposes to harmonize the positive spirit in one's life.

Golden Spiral Candles

Another choice for Diwali candle can be the pack of four golden spiral candles. These candles made up of high quality wax have the potential of casting beautiful radiance all around them on burning.Petite Gel CandlesThe set of petite gel candles contains three petite glass pots, which consist of colored wax. The high quality wax in these gel pots ensures that they burn for hours. These candles can be put up in showcases as perfect show pieces.

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